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Fabrics that Protect

When freedom is challenged and our soldiers are called to action, they need fabrics that protect. Having mastered over sixty military specifications, Brookwood’s Military division provides superior quality fabrics with seamless, reliable production. There is a reason we are one of the largest suppliers of textile to all branches of the U.S. armed forces. We help prepare our soldiers with cutting edge technology and unparalleled manufacturing that fuse the supply chain from first request to fulfillment. Whether you need everyday personnel wear or highly specialized combat gear, Brookwood Military gives you fabrics that protect.

(Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System)

Brookwood is a premier military fabrics supplier for contractors providing branches of the U.S. Military with the latest technical fabrics. Brookwood has successfully worked to meet a number of specifications for the U.S. Army's Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (GEN III ECWCS). GEN III ECWCS comprises a 12-piece kit that allows Soldiers to use seven different layers, depending on the environment.

According to the PEO Soldier,"by mixing and matching Gen III ECWCS components, Soldiers can protect themselves from weather conditions ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to as frigid as minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit."¹ With its dedication to innovation and commitment to the Military supply chain, Brookwood is now the largest fabric supplier for GEN III ECWCS Levels IV, V, VI, and VII collectively.


Military Specification Fabrics

A-A-50135 Cloth, Interlining, Polyester
A-A-52110 Cloth, Plain Weave, Polyester/Cotton for Pockets
A-A-55074 Mat, Sleeping, Self-Inflating
A-A-55077 Bag, Duffel
A-A-55112A Bag, Flyer’s Helmet
A-A-55176 Bag, Laundry, Nylon
A-A-55262 Sleeping Bag, Modular
A-A-55266 Tent: Lightweight Extreme Weather
A-A-59750 Pants, Physical Fitness Uniform
A-A-59709 Flag
MIL-C-12369 Cloth, Ballistic, Nylon
MIL-C-19256 Cloth, Twill, Nylon (Low Count, 3.5 Ounce)
MIL-C-19377 Cloth, Twill, Nylon
MIL-C-21108 Cloth, Nylon, Raft Bottom
MIL-C-21852 Cloth, Taffeta, Nylon
MIL-C-4294 Cloth, Twill, Nylon
MIL-C-43128 Cloth, Plain Weave, Nylon: Water Repellent, OG-106
MIL-C-43375 Cloth, Duck, Nylon, 12.5 Ounce
MIL-PRF-43473 Poncho—Cloth Waterproof
MIL-C-43637 Cloth, Plain Weave, Ripstop, Nylon
MIL-C-43734 Cloth, Duck, Textured Nylon
MIL-C-43906 Cloth, Nylon, Waterproof
MIL-C-44043 Cloth, Ballistic, Nylon, Lightweight, Water-Repellent Treated
MIL-C-44431 Cloth, Plain Weave, Nylon Filament, Lightweight
MIL-PTU-508K Cloth, Oxford, Nylon, 3 Ounce
MIL-C-7219 Cloth, Duck, Nylon
MIL-C-83489 Cloth, Coated, Nylon, Polyurethane Coated
MIL-DTL-31011A ASSAULT® Seam Tape
MIL-P-40061 Panel Marker, Aerial Liaison
MIL-PRF-32142 ASSAULT® All Purpose Environmental Clothing System (APECS)
MIL-PRF-32142 ASSAULT® Parka, Working, US Navy
MIL-PRF-44423A Cloth, Flame Resistant, Light Weight, Reversible
MIL-DTL-32439 Cloth, Duck, Textured Nylon
MIL-DTL-32629 Cloth, Banner, Nylon
MIL-DTL-44436C Cloth, Wind Resistant, Nylon/Cotton Blend
NCTRF PD 03-16 Cloth, Waterproof and Moisture Vapor Permeable
PD 00-02-D Interceptor Vest Outer Shell
PD 04-07 Air Force, PTU, Trunks
PD 04-08 Air Force, PTU, Jacket
PD 04-10 Air Force, PTU, Pant
PD-06-04 Army, GEN III, Wind Jacket
PD-06-05 Army, GEN III, Soft Shell, Jacket
PD-06-06 Army, GEN III, Extreme Cold/Wet Weather, Jacket
PD-06-07 Army, GEN III, Extreme Cold Weather, Jacket
PD-06-16 Army, GEN III, Soft Shell, Trousers
PPD-06-17 Army, GEN III, Extreme Cold/Wet Weather, Trousers
PD-06-18 Army, GEN III, Extreme Cold Weather, Trousers
PD 07-05H IOTV, Fire Resistant
PD 05-05 Marine Running Short
PD 08-05A MC, Running Suit Jacket
PD 77AESG 06-02 Air Force, Parka, Waterproof & Moisture Vapor Permeable
PD 02-03 Combat Tent
PD 03-22 Marine Multiple Threat Interceptor, OTV
PD 3-1-0803 Marine Field Tarp
PD-DSCP-N-05-070 ICS
PD 98-12 Pads, Knee & Elbow KEPS
PD 99-01A Army, PFU, Trunks
PD 99-03 Army, PFU, Pants
PD 99-04 Army, PFU, Jacket
PIA-C-3953 Cloth, Duck, Nylon
PIA-C-44378 Cloth, Parachute, Nylon, Low Permeability
PIA-C-498 Cloth, Parachute, Synthetic Fiber (for Ammunition Parachutes)
PIA-C-7020 Cloth, Parachute, Nylon-Rip Stop and Twill Weave
PIA-C-7350 Cloth, Parachute, Nylon
PIA-C-8021 Cloth, Parachute, Nylon, Cargo and Deceleration
PD 15-05 Load Distribution System
PD 15-04 Blast Pelvic Protector
PD 15-03 Body Armor, Torso and Extremity Protection (TEP) and Modular Scalable Vest (MSV)
PD 13-02 Bags, Waterproofing, For USMC Pack System
PD 10-03 Modular Light Weight Load Carrying Equipment Waterproof Pack Liner
PD 13-08A Jacket, Female, Army Physical Fitness Uniform
PD 13-05A Pants, Female, Army Physical Fitness Uniform
PD 13-04 Jacket, Unisex, Army Physical Fitness Uniform
PD 13-09 Pants, Unisex, Army Physical Fitness Uniform
USQ S-15-01 Cloth, Woven, Nylon
USQ S-05-13 Cloth, Woven, Polyester
PD 08-06A MC, Running Suit Pants
PD 14-01 Sleep System, Integrated, All Climates
PD 10-07 Cloth, Duck, Textured Nylon

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