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Fabrics that Provide

Drawing on years of textile experience and collaborative efforts that involve fiber and film producers, weavers and finishers, the Brookwood Medical division provides a diversified product range that is unmatched in the industry. Brookwood’s advanced coating and lamination technologies include polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride and blended rubber fabrics with soft, low shear properties, excellent fluid resistance and moisture vapor barrier characteristics, which are suited for many medical applications including foam core mattresses, blood pressure cuffs and inflatable mattress inserts.

Brookwood also produces a line of both monolithic polyurethane and microporous ePTFE coatings and laminates that demonstrate excellent moisture vapor transmission. These technologies are excellent for mattress cover fabrics as well for air powered, low air loss, continuous airflow and fluid therapy systems. Our combinations of softness, low shear, breathability and fluid resistance help to significantly reduce friction and moisture build up, thereby helping to reduce bed sores. Whether you are combating disease or saving lives, Brookwood Medical gives you fabrics that are effective and that provide comfort.

Brookwood's line of innovative high tech coated and laminated fabrics for the medical industry includes:

  • Hospital Mattress Cover Fabrics
  • Hospital Pillow Cover Fabrics
  • Blood Pressure Cuff Fabrics
  • Wheelchair Cover Fabrics
  • Institutional Mattress Cover Fabrics
  • Institutional Fire Barrier Fabrics
  • Correctional Mattress Cover Fabrics
  • Pad and Cushion Fabrics
  • Inflatable Medical Device Fabrics
  • Incontinent Pad and Pant Fabrics

Brookwood’s DERMA-PLUSH® two-way and four-way stretch fabrics are the latest in a line of innovative fabric developments. DERMA-PLUSH® fabrics are super soft, pliable, and stretchable fabrics with excellent recovery properties. This stretchable material should significantly reduce “hammocking”, thereby reducing the interface pressure between the mattress surface and the bony prominences of the patient. DERMA-PLUSH® is also available in an RF Weldable version.

Brookwood's BARRIER-CHEK™ is a Vinyl impregnated polyester weft knit fabric with anti-microbial additives used for Institutional Mattress Bottoms. BARRIER-CHEK™ comes in 8.5 and 10.5 oz/sq/yd weights. Widths range from 45” to 82”. Stock colors include Light Grey, Light Blue and Light Green.


All Mattress Cover Fabrics include Anti-Microbial Additives

Mattress Cover Fabrics

  • DERMA-PLUSH® 2—Urethane Cast Coated Polyester, 56" Wide. Style# F2DRM593
  • DERMA-PLUSH® 4—Urethane Cast Coated Polyester, 56" Wide. Style# F4DRM593
  • DERMA-PLUSH® RF SUPREME—RF Weldable Urethane Cast Coated. Polyester, 56" and 86" Wide. Style# FDRMR863
  • SOFT-TEX™ 200—Urethane Coated 200D Nylon, 59/60” Wide. Style# FSTX2601
  • SOFT-TEX™ 210—Urethane Coated 210D Nylon, 58/59” Wide. Style# FSTX2603
  • SOFT-TEX™ 70—Urethane Coated 70D Nylon, 58/59” Wide. Style# FSTX7603
  • SOFT-TEX™ FR—200D Laminated to FR Non Woven Fabric, 84-90”. Style# LBNKFR81
  • SOFT-TEX™ PLUS—Breathabale Urethane Coated 70D Nylon, 60” Wide. Style# FSTXP601
  • SOFT-TEX™ RF 200—RF Weldable Urethane Laminated 200D Nylon, 57/58”. Style# S20030
  • SOFT-TEX™ RF 70—RF Weldable Urethane Laminated 70D Nylon, 57/58”. Style# S70030
  • BARRIER-FLEX® I—Neoprene/Butyl Coated. Nylon, 50” Wide. Style# FIB100C3
  • BARRIER-FLEX® III—2 ply PVC Coated 70D Nylon, 56/57” Wide. Style# FIB301V3

Mattress Bottom Cover Fabrics

  • BARRIER-FLEX® SKID RESISTANT—Skid Resistant PVC Coated 210D Nylon, 55” Wide. Style# FSKID2V3
  • BARRIER-FLEX® SKID RESISTANT—Skid Resistant PVC Coated Poly Knit, 53/54” Wide. Style# FSKID3V3
  • BARRIER-FLEX® 600—Urethane Coated 600x600D Polyester, 58” Wide. Style# F6000AB3
  • BARRIER-FLEX® 300—Urethane Coated 300x600D Polyester, 58” Wide. Style# F63INDV3
  • BARRIER-CHEK™—3 Ply PVC Laminated Poly Knit, 10.5 oz/sq/yd, 45”, 54”, 81”. Style# FBCK45
  • BARRIER-CHEK™ LITE—3 Ply PVC Laminated Poly Weft Knit, 8.5 oz/sq/yd, 45”, 81”. Style# FBCKLT45
  • BARRIER-CHEK™ FR—3 Ply PVC BARRIER-CHEK™ Bonded to FR Non Woven Fabric, 81". Style# BNFR2883
  • BARRIER-CHEK™ CLEAR—Clear 3 Ply PVC Laminated Poly Knit, 10.5 oz/sq/yd. Style# FBCKCL61